Avocados on tree

 Avocados are our main crop and the soil is a rich healthy organic sandy loam ideal for horticulture. The orchard has been established since 2004 with 800 trees and has now expanded to over 3000 trees, mostly HASS, SHARWILL and PINKERTON.

The Avocado tree is an tropical evergreen tree that can grow to heights of 40 to 60 feet. The leaves are elliptic or oval in shape and 3 to 10 inches long. Flowers are small, greenish, and perfect (has both male and female parts). The avocado fruit may be round, pear shaped, or oblong, and the skin of the fruit may vary in texture and color. The skin may be pliable to woody, smooth to rough, and green-yellow, reddish-purple, purple, or black in color. The flesh of the fruit is greenish yellow to bright yellow when ripe and buttery in consistency, but inferior varieties may be fibrous. The avocado fruit has one large seed which makes up to 10 - 25% of the fruit weight. The fruit of different avocado varieties may vary in moisture and oil content, from less than 5% oil to more than 30% oil. Avocado fruits range from 0.120 k to more than ,400 k in weight.